Why IPhone 6s Is Still My Favorite Phone

by Macy_ndaia

May 30, 2018

For many years, i have been using Android phones which come with different specifications and their prices vary accordingly. As funny as it may sound, I’ve had to change my phones regularly because they all end up crashing. And by crashing i don’t mean physical cracking of the screen, the phone just goes off and that’s it. I’ve been changing brands but almost the same thing eventually happens. I  was tired of the inconveniences and decided to get a phone i could rely on. That was the hardest part because i had used many brands already, so i had to do a lot of research about. Googling and asking friends was my kind of research. Many of my friends who had complained about the same problem had switched to iPhones but i thought that was too expensive.

Following the release of more advanced iPhone smartphones by Apple, it can get pretty confusing to decide which phone to buy. I spent a number of days debating on which smartphone i wanted to use and then it hit my head that i had to upgrade to an iPhone.  The problem was that i didn’t know which one to go for-because all of them sound like a great deal. When buying a phone there are certain factors you need to consider such as price, size, capacity, camera and more others, depending on what you are looking for. I wanted a phone that doesn’t have to be stressful to carry. The one that fits in one hand because big phones to can be stressful especially when you want to multi-task. Well in my case, i finally decided to purchase the iPhone 6s as it matched my preferences.

One of the main reasons i chose iPhone 6s is because it has a display of 4.7″ Retina HD  and only weighs 143 grams which makes it one-hand-friendly.  It can perfectly fit in pockets while you walk around. Though most people prefer iPhone 6s plus because of its larger screen, i still prefer iPhone 6s because of its smaller design. Afterall, it has almost same features as the latter.



Touch ID

This is the fingerprint sensor built into the home button. It is the fastest sensor I’ve seen since i started using smartphones. It’s almost that you don’t see your lock screen wallpaper because the sensor is so fast. This is one of the features i love most about this phone. The phone also comes with other sensors such as the barometer, Three-axis gyro, Accelerometer, proximity sensor and Ambient light sensor.


For those who don’t use their phones more like a storage device, this is just a perfect gadget. It has 128GB memory with 1GB RAM which is more than enough for non-regular users.

iPhone 6s perfect design

Display and size

A 4.7″ screen with Retina HD display is all i would look in a smartphone. It also weighs only 143 grams and hence ideal for carrying. Don’t you think that’s just perfect for people who drive?



I know that not everyone considers the camera an important feature but those who love pictures do. With only a 12-megapixel primary camera and a 5-megapixel secondary camera, i can assure you that this isn’t the best but it is way better than other smartphone brands.  Features i love about iPhone 6s camera are the timer function, live photo stabilization and autofocus which has focus pixels. With the hybrid IR filter, you don’t have to install the filter Apps. Talk convenience!

great camera features


I know I’m not alone when i think reading from a smaller screen is easier than bigger ones because the eyes do not have to keep moving. It is also easier to hold while you read your ebook because the phone is smaller and can fit in one hand. Frankly, i have never been disappointed in reading my ebook from my iPhone 6s.

reading from a smaller screen

 3D Feature

When i first used my iPhone 6s, this feature was something completely new to me, a great new experience. You can do much with it, for example, if i want to quickly access my reading list in my ebook reader, it’s just one touch away. Also applies when i want to access my browser bookmarks or my history.


iPhone 6s has great alert type options such as vibration and personalized ringtones. You just have to choose how you want your alert sounds. You can also use the loudspeaker feature if you’re in a noisy place and want to make a call or if you do not have your headphones with you.  The phone also has a 3.5mm jack port where you can insert your headphones.


The battery for iPhone 6s is non-removable Li-Po 1810 mAh. I know this doesn’t sound great but it really does last longer according to how you use your phone. On average, on standby the battery can last up to 250 hours, in talk time it can last up to 14 hours and when playing music it can last up to 50 hours. It can also last longer for people who don’t use their phones as much. I think the battery life for any phone is determined by the owner’s usage. So in my opinion, that should be a non-issue.

Operating system (OS)

Just like any other Apple products, iPhone 6s uses iOS, Which is one of the greatest operating systems of all time. When compared to Android, the iOS is way faster and gets you done quickly. With iOS, you also dont experience annoying mishaps in the system, as it is powerful, personal and intelligent.

Video recording experience

With iPhone 6s, you can record HD videos. You can also enjoy the True tone flash feature in your videos. The camera also supports slow motion videos, noise reduction as well as playback zoom. You can also take 8-megapixel still photos while recording your video.


Other great features for Apple products include;

  •  Built-in Apps such as the compass, wallet, ibooks, iTunes store, maps, facetime, podcasts, health, calendar, stocks and many others which you don’t have to download from the store.
  • Free Apps which you also do not have to buy from the App Store. These are numbers App, pages, keynote, iTunes U, Garageband, music memos clips among others.

Apple products

For sure, iPhone 6s is a great smartphone and would never disappoint its users.

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