Why have I bought the new iPhone 7?

by Daniela Adriana Bojincă

February 28, 2017

If you want to buy a new iPhone, I am sure you are asking yourself: Why should I buy a new iPhone instead of another smartphone? Right? I am sure I am right. Because I was right there half a year ago or even a little bit more (I do not quite remember the date exactly). And I asked myself what should I do: if I should buy a new Android smartphone (like my previous one – I had an LG L9 like 4 years and something), or to take a big step and buy the new iPhone 7 which was just released on the market.

I always wanted to buy the new iPhone whether it was 6s, 6, 5s, 5 or 4. But my parents always told me that I do not need such a phone that can do a lot of things because I do not earn money from it or with it and is an inefficient investment. And I think they were right. I was too young for such a phone and I think if I had the phone then I would not have appreciated enough and I would not have understood its true value. And I really want to thank my parents for this and for their lesson because they were true about one fact: for my age (I was like between 12 and 18 years old when every single year I wanted an iPhone) I did not need that iPhone and only thing I really needed from a phone was to call and answer because I was too young for something expensive. For a person who was not earning money at all, the iPhone was quite expensive for me and for my parents and it was not a must at that young age.

But las summer I was in the Work and Travel program (maybe you know what is it – you go on your summer vacation in the United States and you have the possibility to work and earn money for traveling during your stay in the United States). So, if I did this, I could earn some money not only for traveling around the United States and see beautiful new things and places that I only have seen in the movies but for buying the new iPhone 7 too. And before I decided to do that, I really asked myself: Why should I buy a new iPhone instead of another smartphone?

But, for me, the answer came like this: I do not want anymore and Android smartphone!!! Why? Because during my Work and Travel program my Android phone crashed. Literally crashed in one night. It was pretty hard to talk with my parents because it was a time difference of 7 hours between Romania (from where I am) and the United States of America. So, when in Maine was 2-3 AM, in Romania was like 7-8 PM. And I was checking my phone regularly every night. Until one night in July when I woke up whit this message: Your Android blah blah blah crashed. And my phone was dead. And it was quite difficult to talk with my parents after that.

So I told myself: No more Android phone. I think now is the time to buy an iOS phone, so why not the new iPhone 7, right?

Maybe you ask why didn`t I think to buy the new iPhone 7 plus? Well, I thought and I still think that it is too big for me and my pockets. So the iPhone 7  was and still is quite good for me.

But, despite my will that I wanted an iPhone with an iOS operating system, I thought about its benefices and qualities too. And I had some characteristics in my mind that I want to share with you in this article.



The Battery Of The New iPhone 7

My previous phone had a weak battery. And it was a must for me that when I buy a new smartphone to have a big battery with a longer lifetime. The new iPhone 7 had a plus in this because its battery is 14% bigger than the previous one on the iPhone 6s (because they removed the Jack connector) and obviously it came with a longer lifetime. And I quite saw this difference between the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S. My two friends bought the iPhone 6S and their phones had a shorter lifetime. If you ask yourself about my phone lifetime, I can use it all day listen to music, using the internet and make calls (but intensively), or I can use it even one day and a half or two days listen to music, using the internet and make calls (but like normally or moderate). And this is a big thumb up from me for the new iPhone 7.

The Camera Of The New iPhone 7

They said that the new iPhone 7 have a powerful camera (12 MP – but nut actually for this) because it can take brighter pictures because of the new F/1.8 aperture which lets more light in (50% more). Also, the pictures are more colorful and the new iPhone 7 came with an optical image stabilization (until then it was only for the plus models). And did I mentioned about the faster shutter speed?

I can see the difference in brightness and colors comparing them with photos taken with another smartphone (with Android). My boyfriend has an HTC and we tested our phones in making photos by taking photos of the same object during the day (and mines ar more bright and colorful).

Also, maybe the most exciting thing is that the movies are 4K. Hurray to the new technology!

iPhone 7 camera

The one that was taken with the new iPhone 7 is brighter than the one that was taken with an HTC. Also, you can see that the firs one is more colorful.


The iOS System

Also, it was important the iOS system too, because it should work faster than Android. And I asked a lot of friends that I knew that they had Androids and after an iPhone and they told me that they can see the difference between Android and iOS. So, based on their opinions, I had trusted in iOS. And after I use it a few months, I can tell that it moves faster than the Android and it does not have so many bugs like Android because unlike Android, iOS has more regularly updates.

Other Characteristics That Counted For Me

There are other characteristics that counted for me like the adaptor for the Jack slot, the new options for photos tagging, search, movies memories, or that now the storage starts from 32 GB and not 16 GB like before. Also, the new Home `button` which is not an actual button anymore (it feels great and it is more comfortable in touching). Also, I love the settings system. I think it is easier to use it. And of course, I love FaceTime and I can send free messages between iPhones when I have an internet connection. Which is great.

Thank You For Reading My Article

Thank you for reading my article and hope you like it as much as I like my new iPhone 7. Next time I will write more about the apps that I use and why I use them. See you soon!

Daniela Adriana Bojincă

By Daniela Adriana Bojincă

I am a Romanian traveler. I am 22 and I am a student. I like to travel around the world and discover new places, new cultures and, of course, new people because everytime you have something to learn from them. When I go in a foreign country, I like to taste and eat their traditional food. I think it`s a must so you can have an authentic experience. Of course, I love to take a lot of pictures. It`s amazing to capture a unique moment forever. And of course, I love to take a lot of pictures with my iPhone and test a lot of apps. Hope you like what I share with you guys.

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