Must Have Apps In Your iPhone 6

iPhone_6_family-10-630If you have just bought the iPhone 6, it is easy to get confused about which app to download. Thankfully, we have picked some of the must have apps for you.


For those people who receive thousands of emails everyday, the default iPhone mail App may not be good enough. Thankfully, Dispatch helps to solve the problem by providing functionality that makes you more productive. With multiple account types, support for snippets and more, Dispatch does a great job. The main aim of this app is to make email management lightning quick, and it has successfully managed in doing so. The use of snippets is one of the reasons behind its success. If you send lots of emails everyday, you would have noticed that most of the responses are quite similar. This is where snippets comes to the rescue. They help you to save some common responses for use anytime and you also have the option to set them with some accounts only. Apart from this, it does all the basic functions like read/unread, starring and mark as spam, very smoothly. Another great feature is that Dispatch also ties up with other apps like 1Password, Omnifocus, Evernote and many more.



Dark Sky uses state-of-the-art technology to give you the most precise and accurate weather notifications. When you open this app, you will be shown an overview of the weather in your current location, and also a map in the background. Apart from just giving you information about the current weather and the forecasts, it also lets you know about the feels-like temperature and the nearest storm around you. By simply tapping on the temperature, you will be able to see all the minute details like wind humidity, atmospheric pressure and dew point. Another great feature of Dark Sky is its notification service. Even if you haven’t opened the app in days, it will still let you know whenever there is the probability of rain.


iCab makes your browsing experience on your iPhone really smooth. It has a drop-down window which allows you to see all the opened tabs. There is also a quick start view of all the tabs and the pages you have bookmarked. Apart from the normal toolbar features, iCab has buttons for controlling the brightness, a scrolling pad and also access to LastPass, the password management service. It also has multi finger gestures to help you browse fast Apart from that, iCab also allows you to share with many other major web pages like Facebook, Twitter and Evernote. Desktop browsers will love this app because of the smooth and easy to use interface.



Todoist is a well designed and intuitive app for managing all of your tasks. Apart from the basic features like creating tasks and setting priorities, you can also add tasks directly from emails. Another great feature is the location-based reminders which helps you to complete your tasks when you are in that area. Although it has lots of good features, but if you upgrade to the Premium plan for 429/year, then you will get plenty other benefits as well.